Hunter with rifle viewed from behind while walking uphill towards the sunlight that breaches through the trees.

Survival Gear 101

If you’re putting together a survival pack, it can be difficult to determine what you’re missing. This list of gear can help. It’s broken down into basic categories and offers ideas for each section. Keep two basic principles in mind as you create a survival kit: the pack is for survival not comfort and every survival pack is different. Don’t feel like you need to buy items you know you won’t use. Those things being said, here’s our list of top survival gear.

Survival Tools

The proper tools are perhaps the most important part of any tactical gear in Canada. They are what allow you to make things, fix things, cook, and do any number of other crucial tasks. Most of these are must-have survival items.

  • Knives – Pocket knife, fixed blade knife, machete
  • Illumination – Flashlight, candles, lantern
  • Bags – Light backpack, bug out bag
  • Fire tools – Lighter, firestarter, waterproof matches, tinder, magnifying glass
  • Other tools – Axe, saw, sharpener, hammer and nails, scissors, tape, paracord, multi-tool, pliers

Hydration Survival Gear

The ability to collect and purify water is crucial in any survival situation. Here’s some of the survival gear you’ll need to do just that:

  • Water collection – Water bottle, collection tank, canteen, water bag
  • Water purification – Water filter, bleach, water purification tablets

Tactical Gear For Canadians

Good quality clothing is also essential. Tactical gear helps you stay warm, dry, and comfortable during long days in harsh conditions. This survival gear can help you face any number of situations:

  • Wool socks
  • Jacket
  • Hiking boots
  • Tactical boots
  • Sunglasses

This list of tactical gear in Canada is a good starting point for a survival kit.

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