About Us

Our History

Tacforce Supplies was founded in 2017 in response to hearing frustration expressed by law enforcement, security professionals and hunters. We noticed that working professionals and outdoorsmen were tired of the excessively high prices of the tactical equipment they needed and the mediocre quality of these expensive products.

Our Mission

Tacforce’s mission is to provide these professionals and hobbyists with quality tactical gear and professional uniforms at a lower price than our competitors. As members of these industries ourselves, we are passionate about ensuring individuals working in specific fields can acquire the items/gear they need to perform their job or hobby (like hunting or hiking) without being charged over the top prices for quality materials.

Our Purpose

We are dedicated to providing excellent down-to-earth customer service to all of our customers. Creating massive profit margins at the expense of the customer is not our goal. Our clients are our number one priority, we do this by providing them with the best possible value for their business.

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Picking out tactical supplies has never been easier. We provide high-quality products, give you the details and you pick what works best for your lifestyle.

Tactical gear Canada PK1


We have your back. From browsing online to ordering to receiving your shipment the whole process is quick and easy. If you have any questions or concerns we’re always just a phone call or email away.

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We take the middle-man out of the picture. When you order from Tacforce supplies you get industry-leading products at the manufacturer's price.

Tactical gear Canada PK1


We have narrowed down our selection to only include products of the best quality. This ensures that no matter what you order, no matter the price, it will hold up for whatever activity you use it for.