6 Essential Pieces of Tactical Gear

Hauling around loads of unnecessary equipment is never fun, particularly not day after day or in a survival situation. Plan ahead to make sure you have the right gear when you need it, without a lot of extra weight. Consider starting with these six essential pieces of tactical gear Canada.

Lightweight Calgary Tactical Gear Bag

The right bag or pack is an important place to start when gathering tactical gear Calgary. It should be lightweight, durable, and comfortable to carry. Look for one that includes plenty of pockets, zippers, compartments, straps, and loops for the rest of your gear.

Tactical Vest Calgary

A good tactical vest is breathable and durable. Choose one with a good fit that’s comfortable and has enough pockets to handle extra gear.

A Multi-Tool for Tactical Gear in Canada

Useful in so many situations, a good multi-tool is something you don’t want to be without. Like most tactical gear Calgary, the best multi-tools are durable and versatile. A model that’s easy to use and carry is also important.

Wool Socks

Do socks actually count as tactical gear Canada? Maybe not in the same way as the other gear on this list, but good quality, wool socks are essential for keeping your feet warm, dry, and comfortable.

A Good Knife

Yes, a multi-tool is an important part of tactical gear Calgary, but it can’t replace a really good knife. Carrying both is the smart way to go. Not all knives are the same though, so invest in one that will work well and last long term.

Tactical Gear Flashlight

A flashlight is quite helpful if you need to see in the dark, and it doesn’t take up much space.

Get ready for anything with the right tactical gear Canada. Use this list to help you start crafting your ideal pack.

At Tacforce Supplies our mission is to provide tactical gear and equipment at a lower cost because we know from experience the frustration and headache of supplying your own equipment. If you are a security professional, a law enforcement officer or hunting and outdoors enthusiast, Tacforce Supplies has what you need. Give us a call at (403) 988-5027 or visit our website for more information.

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